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Natural Gas & Propane Products

Gas FireplacesGas Fireplaces

Stylish, efficient, and durable, our gas fireplaces are designed to compliment your home decor and some are engineered to meet your home heating needs. Our gas fireplaces come in many styles and sizes. Choose unique brick interiors, fans, electronic ignition and remote controls to make your gas fireplace fit into your lifestyle. Our gas fireplaces use outdoor air for combustion, which improves your indoor air quality and maximizes the heating of your home.

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Gas InsertGas Inserts

Quality, style, durability and performance are just a few words that describe our direct vent gas inserts. Choose unique fronts to compliment your decor and taste. Our gas inserts come with a powerful built-in blower, highly detailed ceramic logs and embers. We offer small to large inserts that will fit your fireplace for the perfect view of a beautiful fire.

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Gas StoveGas Stoves

Quality, experience, technology and attention to detail ensure that our efficient and elegant gas stoves are beyond compare. All of this care in the creation of our gas stoves posses a timeless quality and enduring style. Our gas stoves may be vented horizontally or vertically. Developed with impressively realistic logs and embers, and many options to make it uniquely yours.

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Gas Logs

Gas LogsBeauty, warmth and atmosphere that will never turn to ashes, that's what you will get with our Hargrove Gas Logs. A Hargrove gas log set is a great way to turn an ordinary fireplace into the focal point of your room. Every Hargrove log is molded from actual wood and finished with up to six hand-painted colors to create the most realistic gas log set in the industry. Every Hargrove Gas Log Set can use either natural gas or propane and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Vent Free

We carry vent-free gas fireplaces, gas stoves and gas logs. A good fit for older homes, large rooms or those areas of your home where installing a chimney or vent just isn't possible. Our vent free appliances are 99.9% steady state efficient. Customize your unit with blowers, trim, decorative louvres and cast iron surrounds. For vent-free stoves, choose unique fronts and colors; and for vent-free logs, choose a glass door to match your decor and protect yourself against cold drafts.

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